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Frequently asked questions 

What should I do if my organisation’s report has an “Information pending” symbol?

The “Tietoja odotetaan”, or “Information pending”, symbol means that information is either missing from your report or that we are waiting for information, for example from your pension insurance company. Please contact our customer service and supply us with the missing information.

What should I do if my organisation’s report has a “Selvitä” symbol?

The “Selvitä”, or “Clarify”, symbol means that your organisation’s tax and/or pension insurance information need to be clarified. Contact the customer service of the Tax Administration and/or your pension insurance company to find out the reason for the symbol and settle missed payments. Submit payment certificates to us to remove the symbol.


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I have submitted a liability insurance certificate. Why is it no longer visible on my report?

If the insurance period of a submitted certificate has expired, the insurance is no longer visible on your report (if the insurance period on the certificate has been January 1 to December 31, for example). Please contact your insurance company, ask them to send a new liability insurance certificate and send it to us.

How frequently is my company’s occupational healthcare information updated?

Occupational healthcare information is automatically updated if your organisation has one of the following occupational healthcare providers: Promedi, Kuninkaantien työterveys, Mehiläinen, Suomen Terveystalo, Euromedfin Oy, Kristiinamedi Ab, Ipsorum Oy, Lääkärikeskus Aava, Jyväskylän Työterveys Oy, the municipal corporation Vantaan Työterveys, Täsmä Työterveys Oy and PerusTerveys Suomi Oy. In all other cases, you should verify your organisation’s occupational healthcare information regularly. We send our customers an email every 6-8 weeks in which we request them to verify the information or inform us of changes.

What should I do when my company changes insurance provider?

If you change your insurance provider you should always notify us about the changes. If you chande your accident insurance provider, remember to send us a certificate of validation. 

When changing your pension insurance provider, the fastest way to make sure your report is up to date, is to send us a no more than 10 days old certificate of validation. In other cases the pension insurance information is updated directly from the pension insurance provider. Dependant on the insurance provider the information is updated in approximately 2 months.


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The Contractor's Liability Act

The Act obligates a client to check that their contracting partners fulfill their legal obligations.
The client must request background information that is no older than 3 months on their contracting partner. The Contractor's Liability Act applies to leased labour employment and contracts in which the value of compensation, excluding VAT, is more than €9,000. The information stipulated in the Act must be kept by the contractor for at least two years.

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The average user of Luotettava Kumppani -service annually compiles 200 reports on information stipulated in the Contractor's Liability Act. The Luotettava Kumppani service reduces 13 days’ worth of administrative work a year from the average user.


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